Member Profile – Laura Lland

Name:             Laura Lland

Age:                35

Weight Loss: 5 stone

Time it took: 20 months

My Journey started in December 2016 shortly after the birth of my daughter. I decided to turn my life around by eating healthy foods and exercise.

Imagine me walking!

To begin, I started to walk every day. I never used to like going out walking as I was conscious of my size and thought everyone was looking at me. Pushing the pram give me confidence walking as all the attention was on my daughter and not me. The weight started to drop off and people started telling me how well I was looking, this really built up my confidence. As my maternity leave was coming to an end and I had to go back to work, I knew I wouldn’t get out walking as much and as my journey had started I didn’t want to stop

 The hardest thing was starting- it then got easier!

So I decided to join Foyle Arena gym in February 2017. My husband advised me to attend the circuit training classes; my reply was, “I couldn’t do those classes!” As classes were affordable I decided to have a go. I remember walking into the class for the first time and seeing all the equipment laid out on the floor thinking, what am I doing here I can’t do this class! I thought if I sneak out no one will notice, but I didn’t leave-I stayed. The instructor was amazing; he was very welcoming and, he encouraged every individual in the class. He advised me just to do my best and to take breaks when I needed them.

 Worrying about what others think  

I concentrated on my goal and I worried less about what other people were thinking. I tried to achieve a little every class or every week, and I upped my game when I felt ready. I now go to circuit training classes 4-6 times a week; I also have gym buddies who I met at class. Staff are so supportive, very approachable and always encourage me. They help in any way that they can, plus they can have a laugh with you in a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

 So, do it for YOU and stick at it!

Good luck to others on their health journey