Member Profile – Robert Lyttle


AGE:        65


GOALS:    FUN AND FITNESS   ( in that order )
HISTORY:    I retired in January having spent all my working life in the legal profession.  Much of my office time was spent sitting and although I had been fairly sporty when I was younger I have to confess that things had slipped over the years.   The big  ” R ” word.   What to do at 65 ?
ACTION: I had always intended that getting and staying fit was to be a key part of my retirement.  My wife is a member of DW Studio and I had intended to join there but, by chance, I called in to Foyle Arena to see what was on offer.   Very good move  !!     The moment I went in I was impressed by the friendliness of the counter staff.  I had joined within fifteen minutes, was inducted by Dara ( sounds painful but actually wasn’t ) several days later and was all set to go.   And all for a ridiculous 22.50 per month.    Think how far that will take you in the pub on a Friday night !!

I have made full use of my membership. I am there every morning doing a class at 10.00am.   Zumba, Body Tone, Body Combat.    For the record  ( as we lawyers say ), the fact that I am the only man in every morning class has nothing whatsoever to do with my enthusiasm for training !!      On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, there is also a club for 50+ folks where there is a wide range of less strenuous activities.  We capped our year with a great day out to the Bushmills Distillery where a fire alarm didn’t spoil the fun ( or the free samples ).
GENERAL :       Put simply, Foyle Arena has changed my life.  There are no egos, no musclemen.  Everyone is really friendly.  Staff are always on hand to support where required.  In six months, I have met at least 50 people whom I know by name and can have a conversation with.

What’s not to like  ?     What’s stopping you  ?   It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done.