Member Profile: Ryan Henderson

Name:             Ryan Henderson

Age:                18

 My Journey started in July 2015 when I began to attend the gym.

Before the gym I was the kind of boy who would hide during PE

I first started off as many on the treadmill and trying every now and then to lift a dumbbell. Before attending I didn’t do any exercise, I did not eat healthily and lacked a work ethic. As I began to get into the gym, I started to get better at my form and technique with the weights and exercises. When I started the gym, I would go every day, ever since then, I have kept that commitment other than the odd day when I’m sick or the gym is closed. Once I began I started to realise by putting in a bit of work every day made a big difference

 Joining Foyle Arena

In November 2016 I was finally old enough to join Foyle arena, before that I was training at my local boxing club. Starting off was hard as being quite new to the gym can fall easily into the trap of comparing yourself to others and feeling like you look stupid. However, Foyle Arena unlike many other gyms has a communal feel around it. After about a month, the gym became my second home as I would cycle there every evening to spend an hour or two there. Through my own research, my friends in the gym and the helpful staff in there I began to increase my weights and achieve goals that I didn’t think I could do physically

 Worried that you look like an idiot?

If you are feeling like you can’t do something or in fact, you think you can do something but you’re unsure, the staff in the gym are always ready to give their professional advice. If it wasn’t for Ron in there, I would have never developed my boxing skills and then progressed onto calisthenics. I am now able to anything I set my mind to and thanks to the positive and uplifting environment in Foyle Arena I was able to gain great results.

 I credit most of my hard work ethic and confidence to starting the gym. Daily exercise is a great way to live a well-balanced lifestyle and Foyle Arena is the best place for doing it!

Ryan Henderson.