Member Spotlight – Warren Barr

Member testimonial


Warren Barr

Which Centre do you use?

Foyle Arena

What Membership do you have?

All Inclusive

Why did you choose Foyle Arena?

Convenience – Live close by. Great facility.

How long have you been a member?

Since it opened in April 2015

What motivates you to exercise?

To help and improve my physical and mental well-being.

What activities do you attend?

I solely attend the Fitness & S&C Suite.

What are your fitness goals?

To maintain a high level of physical fitness and improve overall strength.

Are you achieving your goals?

Here at the foyle Arena, it is easy for me to achieve my goals, as the quality of equipment available is second to none along with the help of all the fitness staff.

Do you feel that our centre has helped you to reach your goals? If yes, how?

100%. The staff are always on hand to answer any questions or support me any of the exercises I’m doing.

How do you feel about Foyle Arena since we reopened?

Completely Safe. They’ve done a brilliant job implementing the additional and required measures to keep everyone safe within the centre, allowing me to exercise freely and not in any way restricted.

Do you feel safe using our centre?

Yes. Absolutely.

Do you have any suggestions for us on how we could improve our service?

No. I’m completely happy with the current service.

Would you recommend Foyle Arena to a friend? Why?

Yes. It’s a brilliant place to train.

Is there anything else you would like to add?