Lounger to Lengths

Looking to get back in the pool again? Think you have what it takes to swim a mile? Why not set yourself a swimming challenge:
If you can swim two lengths and would like to build up to completing a distance of either 1km (40 lengths) or 1 mile (60 lengths).
Price : £54
You will be given a 12 week structured training plan following the Swim Ireland swim a mile training programme.  This includes:
·     1 coached session per week in the pool to focus on the training set for that week
·     Training carried out during normal public swim times (included in the price)
·     Each week an email with the training set for that week and training tips emailed to each participant
·     Laminated training sets available on pool deck for training
·     Each participant is given a swim a mile top and swim Pack
·     Take part in the swim challenge event at the end of the Programme.
Go on, give it a go.
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