Week 3 – w/c 29th March 2020 – Nutrition with Sarah Connolly  

Monday 29 March @ 6pm – Nutrition Fundamental – Covering the bang for your buck

Allow me to peel back the layers and teach you (maybe for the first time) the basics around something you do every single day… eat. Sarah will help you build an improved guilt free relationship with food so you can improve your energy, release some unwanted insulation and lift your confidence.

Wednesday 31 March @ 6pm– Female health. 

How to stay on track around all our female pathway through understanding your body. 

Sarah will help you to get to know and understand yourself so you can be in control four weeks of the month instead of allowing one week to derail you every time. She will share basics around your menstrual cycle so you can finally control your shape and results

Friday 2 April @ 6pm – Q&A and how to plan and get the most from your nutrition.

This will be a live webinar delivered via Zoom, you can book a space for this webinar here.

About the Speaker

Sarah Connolly is an online coach who specialises in female strength and confidence through mindset, nutrition and training. She also helps female coaches build their fitness business.

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