There is a NI wide strategy through each Council with the Health Trusts and the PHA to co-ordinate the response to the threat of COVID-19 on our communities and in particular the vulnerable groups more susceptible to these impacts

Sporting organisations are providing critical support services by helping anyone in the local community requiring assistance e.g. meals on wheels, prescription pickups etc., shopping drop off

Council will play its part in the co-ordination of this strategy and would like to capture details of all critical services being provided/delivered in the Community.  These services will be input into a directory that will help in the co-ordination of any response asked of us by the WHSCT to support vulnerable people within our community

If your Sporting organisation is providing any assistance during this time and would like to be included, could you please send a quick summary ASAP to  including<

  • Name of Club/Organisation
  • What services are offered
  • In what geographical area
  • Contact details ​